Smart Metering
Having invested in a Smart Metering company in the Silicon Valley, The Group recently decided to bring this private equity venture into India and has formed a company, Powrtec Energy Pvt. Ltd. (PEPL), to provide Smart Metering Solutions to Indian utilities. PEPL established an office in Bangalore for IT Operations and Product R&D, and has business associates in Scandinavia & China.

PEPL is a Smart Grid Technology, Products and Applications company that is driven by technology experts and highly experienced professionals focused on enabling utilities to derive maximum benefits from innovative IT solutions and products in the Power sector.

Our products comprise of :
Next generation Single Phase, Three Phase, Tri-Vector Smart Meters Seamlessly integrated with Energy Gateway
Home Display unit for consumers to monitor and control energy use
Smart plug to provide two-way communication with home appliances
Super-enhanced Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) with IP Communication Network.

In addition, The Group believes that smart grid technology will receive a fillip in India since the Indian government has launched the R-APDRP whereby it has allocated INR 40,000 crores  (USD. 8.5 Billion) to the Indian Power Sector for improving efficiencies and implementing smart grid technologies.